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Mini-mony, micro-wedding, destination wedding… all different, all unique. Vocabulary time!

Mini-mony, micro-wedding, destination wedding… all different, all unique. Vocabulary time!

The wedding market is moving so fast, specially with all what happened those last months. And combined to the travel industry + couples behavior, the merge of new ways to celebrate love has come. To keep being on top of your arena, here’s the short list of main infos to have in mind to:

  1. understand the markets you’re connected to,
  2. be ready to embark new requests,
  3. maybe propose new services tied to those trends.

Here we go with some short, comprehensible definitions.


Literally tied to verb “to elope”.

The characteristics of an elopement :

  • Only the couple
  • 1 ceremony (key to this type of celebration)
  • 1 photo / video shoot

An elopement, is usually taking place in very beautiful places and/or famous locations. Background and experience for the couple are everything.

Depending on the culture of the couple, an elopement needs to be legal and officially transcribed in their own country. But it could happen , sometimes, that the couples got civily married in their local town hall, and decide to elope for a symbolic or spiritual ceremony abroad.


Very new in the wedding landscape, a mini-mony is a very small ceremony organized for a maximum of 10/15 persons.

Important to be noticed : a minimony is legal.

Only the close family attend the ceremony, and the specificity of this event is that it is not followed by the reception.

  • Up to 10 guests – the very close family
  • 1 legal ceremony
  • 1 photo/video

Mini-monies are usually tied to a sequel-wedding. The big party happens later on.


Micro-wedding are a complete wedding celebration, but tiny.

Understand that you have every codes of a wedding, only the number of guests change the deal.

  • Up to 30 guests.
  • 1 ceremony
  • 1 reception
  • 1 party
  • All vendors included.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are not a trend anymore. It is a choice and something that millennial are expecting when they have the travel culture in their DNA.

There’s no limit in terms of number of guests, and destination weddings have long duration : from 2 days to 5 days of celebration on the destination.

Destination weddings are big wedding celebrations, across the globe, as long as an airport can welcome the numerous guests and families.

Destination weddings are complex, and vendors make this type of event their expertise.

Logistics can be quite complex, and couples are expecting a lot.

  • No limit in terms of guests. It all depends of the culture of the couple.
  • Several days of celebration
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Welcome Party
  • Big day with ceremony / reception & party
  • Farewell brunch
  • Pool party

Sequel wedding

Clearly something that already existed but hadn’t any name as not something scheduled.

Now the pandemic turned up and down the mentalities and dreams, most of the couples decided to postpone the big celebration while having an intimate and legal wedding, locally, at their initial date.

According to The Knot Survey, 1/3 of the couples in the US decided to have a sequel celebration.

93% of US couples maintained their wedding, while adjusting their plans:

  • 43% had their ceremony and reception in 2020
  • 32% had their ceremony in 2020 and pushed the reception for later
  • 15% decided to entirely postpone their wedding in 2021
  • 7% cancelled their wedding

Source: The Knot 2020 Real Weddings COVID Study of over 7,600 couples with initial wedding dates set between March – December 2020 across the nation; COVID Pulse Study, March-Dec 2020


A mini-moon is not a small honeymoon as, anyhow, only the couple if flying 🙂

A mini-moon is still a romantic travel to celebrate the new position of being Madame & Monsieur.

The only difference is … the distance 🙂

Newlyweds are now choosing to have this special time near their home.

And as result of a short distance, the duration of a mini-moon is usually shorter than a classic honeymoon. The distance of travel is also helping.


A honeymoon is a romantic travel for newlyweds, to enjoy their new life as husband and wife.

Destinations are most of the time paradisiacal, and duration from 10 days to 3 weeks.

Some couples are taking off right after the wedding celebration, while some others are choosing winter time to fly to warm latitudes.

Photo Fabrice Labit

I do hope this little explained dictionary of the wedding celebrations makes a difference now.

Clients are making the market.

And the wedding market, tied to the travel market are both very fast-moving.

Muriel Saldalamacchia

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