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Avoid 5 recurring no-no’s 85% of destination wedding-planners do

Avoid 5 recurring no-no’s 85% of destination wedding-planners do

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(and literally kill their business)

It is a standard practice for all entrepreneurs to improve their sales skills. 

☆ In the specific wedding industry, it is a commun thing also that women become entrepreneur because they are passionate. Passionate to flowers.. passionate to plan.. passionate to design. Yup! But that’s a fail to only envisage your business. Too rare are entrepreneurs passionate because they are like a Swiss Army knife of superpowers. Wait, it’s not true.

☆ On all the planners i have been lucky to train and mentor those past 8 years, the majority of them have gaps in sales technics. And it is super super sad!

☆I know so many great wedding-planners that are greatly organized, that have great ideas and capacity to handle with big challenges. But sadly… they don’t have enough clients.

☆Why?Because they are bad at selling! 

Here you go: these are the top 5 recurring mistakes to avoid and then to be able to be better sales person, from now? 

⓵ | Talking without having exchanges. That is to say: discussion!

⓶ | Using technicals words. So boring. Your millennial clients want simple explanations. 

⓷ | Ensuring constant attention. Come on.. You’re not there to shine. Your clients-to-be have to be your only focus of attention!

⓸| Sugarcoating the truth. You will pay it sooner or later.

⓹ | Being overrunning. Please, hold your row! One of your mission is to be as discret as efficient.

☆ Ready to work on those? How would you train yourself on this? 

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